The K.I.S.S Guide To Writing and Publishing an eBook: Keep It Silly-Simple!

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How to Write a Stronger Romance Novel

The little dots stand for space. You cannot have paragraph breaks in the middle of a sentence. Then go to the Replace field, and press the space only once. Do not manually add extra breaks between paragraphs. At the end of the paragraph, it is enough to hit Return only once; if you need some space between the paragraphs, we can add that later using styles. If you are signaling a substantial break within a chapter a section or scene break, to give the reader some time to breathe , please insert one line with three asterisks, like on the following picture:.

While it is common to start a chapter on a new page, do not add more paragraph breaks to make something go to the next page. Since your book will be read on devices of many different types and sizes, it will simply mess up your layout.

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You can also use the Insert Page Break function. Do not use tabs for aligning paragraphs.

035: How To Sell Amazon Kindle Ebooks And Make 30K In Under 7 Days With Jonny Andrews

A little arrow stands for tabulators, like on the picture below:. Images are best inserted between two paragraphs on a separate line, with the image wrapping off. You can also find this option in the Format menu, like in the picture below. While it is possible to wrap images in epubs, beginners are not advised to experiment with this setting, as it usually results in bad formatting. As part of your preparation, make sure that none of the images are larger than 4 megapixels 4 million pixels ; and, of course, are of a good quality and not pixelated.

In case of an ebook usually viewed from a smartphone or tablet , 4 million pixels are enough to provide good quality without unnecessarily increasing the size of the book. Keeping the ebook size low is common courtesy as most of your readers will encounter the book on a device with limited storage capacities. Convert your footnotes into endnotes. You can decide to place them at the end of the book or at the end of each chapter.

Here is a detailed guide on how to do this. Your books can have links directing to your own website, social media or your Goodreads profile. Links to other stores. You can format your normal paragraph as you wish including typefaces, sizes, etc. Whichever makes more sense for you. This will format all your normal paragraphs the same way. If you would like the first paragraph in each chapter look differently, apply your changes at the first paragraph, then select Create a style.

You just simply have to repeat this for all of your chapters and subchapters. It is enough only to select Heading 1: the formatting will automatically apply. There is already an independent website for book reviews. It is called Goodreads. Just piggy backing on what Nirmala said.

Publish with Smashwords

Going beyond just Goodreads and the like, there are plenty of other sites that cater to various niches that a buyer can go to for information on these self published titles. Not hard to find them either just use your favorite search engine. I say this as a creator of self published material reviewed by Goodreads and quite a few other sites and as a buyer of self published material. Just to set the record straight, SPAM is unsolicited commercial email.

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There has always been written garbage for sale and there always be. This has never interfered with better work being successfully produced, marketed, and sold. Cluttering up the Amazon search results with crap books, so that it makes the legitimate ones hard to find, is SPAM. You can not have a good thing unless you have a bad thing. Conversely, you can not have a bad thing unless you have a good thing.

To have a good book you need a bad book. This is a negative effect to be sure. For me to sell the content somebody else have created is just stealing. Books are about creativity, putting time and effort to create content. PLR is reaping that someone else sow. At the same time, the reason that they are succesful is because people want things made easier for them.

I completely agree with what your points. I also think they would be wise to charge a small amount for adding a title. This would be nothing for the quality ebook authors, but would stop those proliferating junk. What an interesting experiment. I recently started using iBooks and had a look at some free ones. They were basically 20 pages or less with a strong call to action at the end. Unsuspecting readers discover these books via search because they are stuffed with keywords and end up buying dud content.

This is discussed in more detail over on Publishing Trends. The greaat Kindle Swindle is their headline. Three thousand-plus titles and they all […]. No sooner did I decide against it than I ran across this excellent post on Publishing Trends about content farms.

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Then, a day later, a good friend sent me an unbidden and […]. Mike Essex has a handy list of nine changes Amazon can make to its Kindle platform right now that will fix the problem and boost its own […]. Mike Essex has a handy list of nine changes Amazon can make to its Kindle platform right now that will fix the problem and boost its own image. In his article, Essex […]. Laura Hazard Owen had the story first three months ago, with help from Mike Essex.

She interviews Mike Essex, who suggests eight solutions which could be implemented by companies […].

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Manuel Ortiz Braschi has published thousands of ebooks on Amazon, often claiming as his own works in the public domain, including Alice in Wonderland. Email Address:. Subscribe Unsubscribe. Publishing Trends. March 31, Comments Leave a Comment 38 Comments. Mar 31, am. Nick Daws. Mar 31, pm. Scott V. Scott Nicholson. Apr 1, am. Mike Essex.

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Apr 2, am. Konrad Deire.

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How To Publish Your Book Fast with Self Publishing: FREE & Fast by Sue-Ham

Tyler Tork. Apr 4, pm. Marian Contrarian. Laura Hazard Owen. Seth Stahlman. Kathy Ross. Apr 5, am. Martin Higgins. Apr 5, pm. Apr 6, pm. Caleb Spilchen. Apr 7, am. With the dramatic price drop in , the competition between the leading manufacturers increased Kindle, Kobo and Nook being the leaders of the Western market and the popularity of ebooks and e-readers skyrocketed.