Minúscula (Spanish Edition)

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Egan is a rara avis , always keen on exploring new formats, trying on new voices and styles. I wanted polyphony.

Sognare (English translation)

She is a highly versatile author indeed: in the short span of ten years, she published a neogothic novel, then a rather experimental volume of short stories in which characters and plots are intertwined to the point of blurring the limits between short story and chapter, resulting in a sort of composite novel and including one story written in PowerPoint format—a book that, incidentally, earned her the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction—then a Twitter novel, and, finally, a surprisingly genre-tight historical novel about wartime New York with a feminist twist.

The pleasure of the task at hand lies partly in the fact that the original is animated by the energy of logic a concept favored by Egan , both at the level of the sentence and as a whole.

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Such stylistic variance can create an additional difficulty, as finding the voice and tone in a text is one of the first hurdles for a translator. If an author keeps changing everything about her work as a principle, the challenges of translating her increase. When everything in the original clicks, a translation flows beautifully and the translator can ideally focus on other relevant details.

Intuition is your experience making more or less conscious decisions. These translations were our primary source of income.

Capital letters in Spanish

The key was to work fast, to crank out the translations as quickly as we could and never stop for breath. Great originals invite intuition in, and that can introduce a collateral risk of overconfidence: overjoyed by her work, the translator can be prone to handing the wheel over to her instincts a little too freely, while she rejoices in admiring the landscape of her sentences, paragraphs, and pages. The problem of translation as a self-driven car is the suspension of doubt.

Doubt, in fact, is a trait good translators share with good authors. In the case of PowerPoint, of course, that meant reading a lot of corporate documents.

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My doubts, in this case, were circumscribed mostly by questions of format: Spanish translations tend to be longer than their English originals. Would my translation fit in the limited space of the slides? Would we need to use a smaller font? Would that affect readability? There is no good solution to this—Spanish texts are just longer—but with that in mind one can at least take palliative measures.

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  5. In this particular case, the strangeness of the form probably helped to rein in my intuition and to make more mindful decisions. Great originals invite intuition in, and that can introduce a collateral risk of overconfidence.



    It let in the worm : another word Danny and his friends had invented all those years ago, smoking pot or doing lines of coke and wondering what to call that thing that happened to people when they lost confidence and got phony, anxious, weird. In my translation I opted for anaconda instead, a word I had often heard some sports commentators in Barcelona use to describe the feeling fans have in the hours building up to an important game. I trusted my intuition that gusano did not work in my translation and took the risk, as you have to do countless times in any given book.

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    Amor en minuscula (Spanish Edition)

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