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These jobs are available across different niches, from finance to marketing to teaching and more. It is hiring home-based teachers who are fluent in English.

Computer & IT Jobs - Remote, Part-Time & Freelance

It is hiring sign language interpreters, speech language pathologists, etc. It offers remote jobs in a many locations.

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They hire online tutors on a part-time, remote basis. It offers virtual classes to meet the needs of students. Its classes are Internet-based and interactive. Its 6, employees can work on-site or remotely. It hires for online instructors and faculty to work from their home office. Part-time, remote jobs are available for adjunct faculty professionals.

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Tutors are hired for phone and video interpretation and translation. It hires for online tutors to work from home.

Do you have fundraising ability? Can you do administration work? Do you have technical skills?

The list goes on and on. You should consider these talents as they may pay higher and they typically let you work from home.

6 Benefits of Working Part Time Instead of Full Time

Check out the freelancers website upwork. Richard had a programming job before he was laid off in his layoff in his late 50s. He became a consultant and did that for several years but at 65 he finally decided to stop completely. Tutoring became his solution.

He quickly learned that math and science subjects were in the highest demand for tutors—a perfect fit with his background. Richard joined a national organization called Wyzant.

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He does the tutoring in a local library. That way he can arrange to have his student met him there and schedule them close together. Works very well that way he said. When Helen left her Hotel Administration Job at 67, she was fine for a while. Then she started to get antsy. She had always worked and always made money. She just felt weird not earning an income even though she probably would be ok financially as she was a frugal lady. She started to look around for a job but got discouraged with all the low paying retail positions.

We were chatting and I mentioned something that sounded like it would be perfect for her. She loved talking to people and wanted something easy but engaging. The job was a food demonstrator.

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I explained that these are actually placed through temporary staffing agencies. She took it from there and went to Costco and talked to someone doing the job. She can work as many days as she wants a month. Diane got lonely when she left work. Vital and active at 61, she had too much time on her hands at home. She heard about a job through a friend from church.

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A single mom was looking for someone to help out with a little laundry, pick up her daughter from school and take her gymnastics and make dinner. She made the call and her enthusiasm won over the mom. Diane enjoyed being part of a family again. She felt valued and needed. Many working parents need this type of assistance. Word of mouth is often how you find these jobs. Sometimes you might even see an ad in Craigslist. Pete was a High School Principal—a job with enormous stress. When he retired, he eventually sold his home and moved to a warmer climate in South Carolina.