How to create a social media plan, 9 step plan to a strategic social media marketing plan

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Did it perform as well as you hoped? Did it underperform? What metrics or KPIs did you use to measure your success? Were they useful? Say hello to a good mail day. If your holiday cards aren't in the mail yet, now's your time. Image by erinmayholmes. This step is all about reflecting on your previous successes or failures to identify areas where you can improve! Grow your email list? Drive traffic? If you had multiple goals, how did they stack up against each other? You should also spend some time breaking down your results by channel.

For example, if you ran promotions on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more, find out which channels had the best ROI return on investment. You may want to consider doubling-down on your best channels! For example, herschelsupply ran a ton of promotions on Instagram last year, including a holiday gift guide featuring some of their most iconic products. Since most of their marketing was focused on social media and Instagram specifically , we can assume that their main goal was to generate sales of their products through social media.

Make this holiday season a classic.

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Discover the Gift Guide via our link in bio. Holiday ecommerce campaigns are naturally very much focused on bottom-funnel goals, like conversions and sales. But you can also incorporate some top-funnel goals into your strategy, like improving brand awareness, building engagement in your community, or even growing your email list.

For example, last year lululemon ran their feelgoodgiving campaign with the goal of inspiring people to practice mindfulness during the holiday season. Give to yourself. Give to others. Give to complete strangers. Just give—and feel something truly incredible in return.

Screenshot and use what you land on as your commitment for the season. A post shared by lululemon lululemon on Nov 17, at am PST. Here are some key dates for the holiday season:.

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For example, if you do a lot of business in Canada, you may want to incorporate Canadian Thanksgiving into your holiday campaign. The most important part of this process is creating a robust promotional calendar that ties back to the specific goals of your campaign.

It's through these pain points that you can market your products or services too. Tailor your offerings to the audience in a way that shows how your product or service will help solve their problems.

9 Simple Steps to Master Social Media for Events

You should also thoroughly study where your audience is the most active. This will help you decide which social media platforms to focus on. Check out our best picks and reviews. Before you build your content strategy, it's essential that you study your competitors. A thorough analysis of your competition may help you understand which tactics or content types are performing the best and which ones are not as effective.

Also, if your competitors are not fully leveraging certain social platforms, then you can double your efforts on those social platforms. The objective here is not to directly copy or steal the strategies of your competitors. It is, in fact, to gather insights and adapt and improve upon their strategies to create your own.

For this, you can either follow your competitors on social media platforms and study them or use competitor spying tools. Either way, looking into your competitors' performance on social media will help you determine what works and doesn't work for them. Then, you can modify your own offerings accordingly to suit your audience better. A wide range of engaging and educational content can help you strengthen your social media presence, reach your target audience, and successfully convert them into buyers.

There are many types of content to choose from, such as images, videos, text, links and podcasts. Along with the right content type, you need to find the right times and right frequency to post. This is where the study of your target audience comes into use.

You must study what form of content they prefer to consume and create it according to their needs. This will increase their engagement with your content.

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For instance, if your audience prefers images and videos only, perhaps Instagram is the best platform for you. Based on where your customers are, you'll get a rough idea of the times when they're likely to be the most active. This can also increase engagement. Visual content has the power to get people's attention better than text.

Social Media Marketing Strategy: The Complete Guide for Marketers

That's not to say textual content isn't important, but you should place more focus on visual content on social media. Put real effort into creating high-quality images, videos, infographics and more. The most important thing to remember about creating a social media strategy is to remember to be genuine. Social media is a platform that people use to connect with one another. To be raw.

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To be honest. Not a place to push your company agenda or post stock photos. As humans we make decisions based on feelings, in order to evoke feelings, you need to be real. If you can do that, then following these steps should be easy! It comes down to getting organized, creating structure and delegating. A Little About Me.

Marketing Plan Template. Let's Talk. May Melissa Leiter. How-To's , Strategy. One of the biggest issues with implementing an effective social media strategy is time. In order to effectively implement a social media marketing strategy, you need to follow these steps: Step 1: Do you even need social media?

Step 2: What channels do you need to be on? Step 3: Set a goal and write it down. Step 4: Create a strategy. Write this down too!