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Twenty-five Twenty-six Twenty-seven Twenty-eight NOTE: Ordinals follow the nouns to which they refer. In conversation these words are not always necessary, but in correspondence it is essential to use them in the proper place. What time is it? In Singapore and other British territories, the natives usually follow the English way.

The above examples would be expressed there as follows English spelling : Eng. MaL: pukul dua-bias lebeh satu mlnnit. NOTE: It must be understood that the more primitive natives in the interior of the country and on the remote islands on the periphery of the East- Indian Archipelago have no knowledge of the workings of a clock. Their computation of time is done by judging the position of the sun, the moon, and the stars. Rural Malays calculate the time of day by regular happenings.

The Mohammedan months do not correspond in any way to the months of the Christian calendar. They are : 1. Muharram 7. Rajab 2. Safar S. Sha'aban 3. Rabi'ul-awwal or Mau'loed 9. Ramadlan boe'lan poewa'sa 4. Rabi'ul-akhir Shawal 5. JumaduT-awwal Dzulkaidah 6. Jumadu'I-akhir At the end of the fast he celebrates with leba'ran, his equivalent of the Christian's New Year, and many natives then experience difficulties from overeating and from going into debt for the purchase of the customary new clothes. The day of the month is expressed as follows: January 1st In Malaya and parts of Sumatra where the Chinese population is prevalent, the Chinese custom of naming the months by their numerical order is generally followed.

The Mohammedan era is rarely used. It dates from the flight of Mohammed from Mecca A. H ta'hoen hedjrah Year A. In a moment more sabentar' la'gi Just gone ba'roe pi'gi Just recently ta'di Last Monday ha'ri senen' jang soe'dah Last month boe'lan jang soe'dah Last night kema'rin ma'lem Last year ta'hoen yang soe'dah, ta'hoen la'loe Sing. Late at night soe'dah ma'lem betoel' Late it is soe'dah lat.

Never selama'nja tida, ta pernah' Sing. Today ha'ri i'ni, i'ni ha'ri Today it is June Ha'ri i'ni tang'gal doe'wapoe'loea'nam djoe'ni. What date is it? When While Yesterday All the above-numerated names are from the pre-war period. One ta'hil two real' One soe'koe two ta'li One real' four soe'koe One ta'li three oewang 7 To weigh opium the unit is also the ta'hil, but weighs less 0. One ta'hil.

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One-sixteenth ka'ti ten tji One tji ten tim'bang, ma'ta Native measures of length and area are : One mile Java: meters Sumatra: meters Bring ba'wa Buv beli' Can bi'sa X. Call pang'gil Careful a'ti-a'ti Carriage four wheels kare'ta, e'bro Bat. TiongTioa X T. Come here ma'ri si'ni Cook ko'ki Drink mi'noem Driver carriage. Jekas'; tjepe'tan I. Stop bren'ti That, those i'toe There si'toe, disi'toe; sa'na, disa'na There is a'da There is not ti'da a'da, tia'da This, these i'ni Too much too high price.

You kowe', loe fam. Battle panjerang'an Bayonet. Tabeh', so'bat! Sla'mat da'tang! Open the suitcases, and put my clothes in the closet. Boe'ka kop'per dan ta'ro pakean' di lema'ri. Mai, : Ma'kan malem da'ri poe'koel toe'djoe sam'pe poe'koel sembHan. MaL: Dima'na ka'mar man'di? MaL: A'pa a'da toe'kang ram'boet? There is one in the hotel, next to the office.

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MaL: Sa'ja toe'wan, a'da toe'kang ram'boet di roe'mah ma'kan di seblah' kan'tor L. There is one next door on the right hand side MaL : Sa'ja toe'wan, a'da toe'kang ram'boet diloe'war, sa'toe roe'mah seblah' ka'nan. MaL: Pang'gil toe'kang mena'toe. MaL: Pa'keh kan'dji sedie'kit sa'djah. MaL: Ba'wa komba'li dida'Iem ti'ga ha'ri. MaL: Bra'pa hariga sa'toe po'tong? MaL: Sepoe'loe sen, toe'wan. MaL: Baik! MaL: Djong'os, tjo'ba, si'kat sepa'toe. MaL: Bi'kin poe'ti sepa'toe. MaL: Ketok 7 pin'toe. MaL: Pang'gil ta'xi.

MaL: Pang'gil kre'ta. MaL: Soe'roe pigi. Can you help us? MaL: Sa'ja tja'peh betoel'. Cannot walk. MaL : Sa'ja poe'nja soeda'ra pa'tah toe'lang ka'ki, ti'da bi'sa dja'lan. MaL: Di'a sa'toe pal dibla'kang.

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MaL : Diting'gaJ di ping'gir kali. O'rang Selam : Eng. Talcoet o'rang Djepang 7 deng'ar. MaL: A'da kam'pong jang deket'? Moes'ti ditoe'loeng. Find brother who cannot walk. Malay Eng. MaL: Toewan, kam'poeng dja'hoe. MaL: Ta'pi a'da goe'boek jang deket'. MaL: Dan a'da pon'dok sepoe'loe pal mi'lir. MaL: Toe'roet sama sa'ja. It is not easy.

Ti'da gam'pang. But I can shoot larger animals only when I use poison-arrow. Tapi bo'leh pa'sang binatang besar' tjoe'ma ka'lau pa'keh pa'nah ra'tjoen. MaL: Da'ri i'toe bo'leh da'pet dia'nja di ping'gir kali kira 2 poe'koel a'nam. Can refugees from war-torn countries ever claim any other country as their own? Key points - The price refugees pay — can they ever truly call any place home?


Before he became the launch editor of The News in Karachi in February , he served Dawn in many important positions. In recent years, he hosted a programme on books on Geo.

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In his youth, he wrote Urdu fiction that was well-received. Ghazi Salahuddin is also a social activist and human rights defender. Mr Bengali has also served at a number of government positions. He was also the first head of the Benazir Income Support Programme and designed the programme. He represented Sindh at the 7th National Finance Commission, which gave a successful award. He started his political career with the Tehreek-e-Istaqlal TI , which was the main opposition party at the time. He rose to be its secretary general.

Mr Kasuri was elected to the National Assembly in and He was Foreign Minister from The Reality of Climate Change?