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That is a hasty, thoughtless and unworthy assessment. It is true, however, that Trump's trade armistice with China was dictated by his domestic considerations. It is also true that Trump appeared to be scaling back his ill-advised political overreach under the guise of his unassailable trade case against China. The bottom line, again, for now, is that Trump will have to settle for China's commitment to cut its American trade surpluses, but he definitely has to forget about interfering in China's legislative process and economic policies — hot-button issues that China calls "issues of principle.

Whoever pushed Trump in that direction deserves his signature "You're fired! He is a winner and a happy man: Trump pushed China into his lap. Abe, as a result, should be the first to thank Trump for making Japan's impossible dream come true.

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Xi, who looked like he was holding his nose during years of photo ops with Abe, last week accepted an invitation to pay a state visit to Japan next spring. Putting it all together and lifting the sights from here and now, Trump may have started a process of enduring world peace. That concept is based on the idea that the U. Trump has begun a process with Russia and China during last week's G meeting that could bring lasting peace and economic prosperity to the world.

His geopolitical moves may have been mainly motivated by his reelection strategy, but they have an enormous potential for creating a new world order based on the foundations enshrined in America's inspired and written United Nations charter. China would make a fateful mistake by refusing to grasp the olive branch offered by the U.

Triumphalist hints in Chinese official media don't augur well, but let's hope that a more realistic and constructive thinking will prevail. The world economy is now facing brighter prospects, although the U.

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As always, Washington will have to do the heavy lifting for those beggar-thy-neighbor countries — only to be perversely criticized for violating the multilateral trading system. Commentary by Michael Ivanovitch, an independent analyst focusing on world economy, geopolitics and investment strategy. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services.

Privacy Policy. All Rights Reserved. Data also provided by. Skip Navigation. Markets Pre-Markets U. Key Points. Washington has begun a process with Russia and China during last week's G meeting in Osaka, Japan that could create a new world order.

BBC Two - China: A New World Order, Series 1, Episode 1

The world economy is now facing brighter prospects, even though the U. VIDEO Stocks surge after Trump-Xi meeting at G — Five experts forecast what it means. Conspiracy theorists fear the outcome will either be the emergence of a Brave New World -like dystopia —a "Brave New World Order"—or the extinction of the human species. Democratic transhumanists , such as American sociologist James Hughes , counter that many influential members of the United States Establishment are bioconservatives strongly opposed to human enhancement , as demonstrated by President Bush's Council on Bioethics 's proposed international treaty prohibiting human cloning and germline engineering.

Furthermore, he argues that conspiracy theorists underestimate how fringe the transhumanist movement really is. Just as there are several overlapping or conflicting theories among conspiracists about the nature of the New World Order, so are there several beliefs about how its architects and planners will implement it:.

The League of Nations

Conspiracy theorists generally speculate that the New World Order is being implemented gradually , citing the formation of the U. An increasingly popular conspiracy theory among American right-wing populists is that the hypothetical North American Union and the amero currency, proposed by the Council on Foreign Relations and its counterparts in Mexico and Canada , will be the next milestone in the implementation of the New World Order.

The theory holds that a group of shadowy and mostly nameless international elites are planning to replace the federal government of the United States with a transnational government. Therefore, conspiracy theorists believe the borders between Mexico, Canada and the United States are in the process of being erased, covertly, by a group of globalists whose ultimate goal is to replace national governments in Washington, D.

Skeptics argue that the North American Union exists only as a proposal contained in one of a thousand academic and policy papers published each year that advocate all manner of idealistic but ultimately unrealistic approaches to social, economic and political problems.

Most of these are passed around in their own circles and eventually filed away and forgotten by junior staffers in congressional offices. Some of these papers, however, become touchstones for the conspiracy-minded and form the basis of all kinds of unfounded xenophobic fears especially during times of economic anxiety. For example, in March , as a result of the lates financial crisis , the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation pressed for urgent consideration of a new international reserve currency and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development proposed greatly expanding the I.

Conspiracy theorists fear these proposals are a call for the U. Judging that both national governments and global institutions have proven ineffective in addressing worldwide problems that go beyond the capacity of individual nation-states to solve, some political scientists critical of New World Order conspiracism, such as Mark C.

Partridge, argue that regionalism will be the major force in the coming decades, pockets of power around regional centers: Western Europe around Brussels, the Western Hemisphere around Washington, D. As such, the E. The question then is not whether global governance is gradually emerging, but rather how will these regional powers interact with one another. Following the Rex 84 and Operation Garden Plot plans, this military coup would involve the suspension of the Constitution , the imposition of martial law , and the appointment of military commanders to head state and local governments and to detain dissidents.

These conspiracy theorists, who are all strong believers in a right to keep and bear arms , are extremely fearful that the passing of any gun control legislation will be later followed by the abolishment of personal gun ownership and a campaign of gun confiscation, and that the refugee camps of emergency management agencies such as FEMA will be used for the internment of suspected subversives , making little effort to distinguish true threats to the New World Order from pacifist dissidents.

An olive branch to China

Before year some survivalists wrongly believed this process would be set in motion by the predicted Y2K problem causing societal collapse. Skeptics argue that unfounded fears about an imminent or eventual gun ban, military coup, internment, or U. Conspiracy theorists concerned with surveillance abuse believe that the New World Order is being implemented by the cult of intelligence at the core of the surveillance-industrial complex through mass surveillance and the use of Social Security numbers , the bar-coding of retail goods with Universal Product Code markings, and, most recently, RFID tagging by microchip implants.

Claiming that corporations and government are planning to track every move of consumers and citizens with RFID as the latest step toward a -like surveillance state , consumer privacy advocates, such as Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre , [75] have become Christian conspiracy theorists who believe spychips must be resisted because they argue that modern database and communications technologies , coupled with point of sale data-capture equipment and sophisticated ID and authentication systems, now make it possible to require a biometrically associated number or mark to make purchases.

They fear that the ability to implement such a system closely resembles the Number of the Beast prophesied in the Book of Revelation. Following public criticism that the development and deployment of these technologies could potentially lead to a mass surveillance system, the IAO was defunded by the United States Congress in Although DARPA eventually removed the logo from its website, it left a lasting impression on privacy advocates.

American historian Richard Landes , who specializes in the history of apocalypticism and was co-founder and director of the Center for Millennial Studies at Boston University, argues that new and emerging technologies often trigger alarmism among millenarians and even the introduction of Gutenberg's printing press in caused waves of apocalyptic thinking. The Year problem , bar codes and Social Security numbers all triggered end-time warnings which either proved to be false or simply were no longer taken seriously once the public became accustomed to these technological changes.

Conspiracy theorists of the Christian right , starting with British revisionist historian Nesta Helen Webster , believe there is an ancient occult conspiracy—started by the first mystagogues of Gnosticism and perpetuated by their alleged esoteric successors, such as the Kabbalists , Cathars , Knights Templar , Hermeticists , Rosicrucians , Freemasons , and, ultimately, the Illuminati —which seeks to subvert the Judeo-Christian foundations of the Western world and implement the New World Order through a one-world religion that prepares the masses to embrace the imperial cult of the Antichrist.

They believe that these conspirators use the power of occult sciences numerology , symbols Eye of Providence , rituals Masonic degrees , monuments National Mall landmarks , buildings Manitoba Legislative Building [82] and facilities Denver International Airport to advance their plot to rule the world. For example, in June , an unknown benefactor under the pseudonym " R.

Christian " had a huge granite megalith built in the U. A message comprising ten guides is inscribed on the occult structure in many languages to serve as instructions for survivors of a doomsday event to establish a more enlightened and sustainable civilization than the one which was destroyed. The " Georgia Guidestones " have subsequently become a spiritual and political Rorschach test onto which any number of ideas can be imposed.

Some New Agers and neo-pagans revere it as a ley-line power nexus while a few conspiracy theorists are convinced that they are engraved with the New World Order's anti-Christian " Ten Commandments. Skeptics argue that the demonization of Western esotericism by conspiracy theorists is rooted in religious intolerance but also in the same moral panics that have fueled witch trials in the Early Modern period , and satanic ritual abuse allegations in the United States.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the New World Order will also be implemented through the use of human population control in order to more easily monitor and control the movement of individuals. Conspiracy theorists argue that globalists plotting on behalf of a New World Order are neo-Malthusians who engage in overpopulation and climate change alarmism in order to create public support for coercive population control and ultimately world government.

Agenda 21 is condemned as "reconcentrating" people into urban areas and depopulating rural ones, even generating a dystopian novel by Glenn Beck where single-family homes are a distant memory. Skeptics argue that fears of population control can be traced back to the traumatic legacy of the eugenics movement's "war against the weak" in the United States during the first decades of the 20th century but also the Second Red Scare in the U. By this time, people that refused or refused to allow their children to be vaccinated were known colloquially as "anti-vaxxers", though citing the New World Order conspiracy theory or resistance to a perceived population control agenda as a reason to refuse vaccination were few and far between.

Social critics accuse governments, corporations, and the mass media of being involved in the manufacturing of a national consensus and, paradoxically, a culture of fear due to the potential for increased social control that a mistrustful and mutually fearing population might offer to those in power. The worst fear of some conspiracy theorists, however, is that the New World Order will be implemented through the use of mind control —a broad range of tactics able to subvert an individual's control of his or her own thinking, behavior, emotions, or decisions.

Skeptics argue that the paranoia behind a conspiracy theorist's obsession with mind control , population control , occultism , surveillance abuse , Big Business , Big Government , and globalization arises from a combination of two factors, when he or she: 1 holds strong individualist values and 2 lacks power. The first attribute refers to people who care deeply about an individual's right to make their own choices and direct their own lives without interference or obligations to a larger system like the government , but combine this with a sense of powerlessness in one's own life, and one gets what some psychologists call " agency panic," intense anxiety about an apparent loss of autonomy to outside forces or regulators.

When fervent individualists feel that they cannot exercise their independence, they experience a crisis and assume that larger forces are to blame for usurping this freedom. According to Domhoff, many people seem to believe that the United States is ruled from behind the scenes by a conspiratorial elite with secret desires, i. In the past the conspirators were usually said to be crypto-communists who were intent upon bringing the United States under a common world government with the Soviet Union, but the dissolution of the USSR in undercut that theory.

Domhoff notes that most conspiracy theorists changed their focus to the United Nations as the likely controlling force in a New World Order, an idea which is undermined by the powerlessness of the U. Although skeptical of New World Order conspiracism, political scientist David Rothkopf argues, in the book Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making , that the world population of 6 billion people is governed by an elite of 6, individuals.

Until the late 20th century, governments of the great powers provided most of the superclass, accompanied by a few heads of international movements i. According to Rothkopf, in the early 21st century, economic clout—fueled by the explosive expansion of international trade, travel and communication—rules; the nation-state 's power has diminished shrinking politicians to minority power broker status; leaders in international business, finance and the defense industry not only dominate the superclass, they move freely into high positions in their nations' governments and back to private life largely beyond the notice of elected legislatures including the U.

Congress , which remain abysmally ignorant of affairs beyond their borders. He asserts that the superclass' disproportionate influence over national policy is constructive but always self-interested, and that across the world, few object to corruption and oppressive governments provided they can do business in these countries.

The real globalists have been destroying civilization for decades.

Marxists , who are skeptical of right-wing populist conspiracy theories, also accuse the global power elite of not having the best interests of all at heart, and many intergovernmental organizations of suffering from a democratic deficit , but they argue that the superclass are plutocrats only interested in brazenly imposing a neoliberal or neoconservative new world order—the implementation of global capitalism through economic and military coercion to protect the interests of transnational corporations —which systematically undermines the possibility of a socialist one-world government.

Skeptics of New World Order conspiracy theories accuse its proponents of indulging in the furtive fallacy , a belief that significant facts of history are necessarily sinister; conspiracism , a world view that centrally places conspiracy theories in the unfolding of history, rather than social and economic forces; and fusion paranoia , a promiscuous absorption of fears from any source whatsoever. Domhoff, a research professor in psychology and sociology who studies theories of power , wrote in an essay entitled There Are No Conspiracies. He says that for this theory to be true it required several "wealthy and highly educated people" to do things that don't "fit with what we know about power structures".

Claims that this will happen goes back decades and have always been proved wrong. Partridge, a contributing editor to the global affairs magazine Diplomatic Courier , wrote a article entitled One World Government: Conspiracy Theory or Inevitable Future? He says that if anything nationalism, which is the opposite of a global government, is rising.

New World (Dis)Order

He also says that attempts at creating global governments or global agreements "have been categorical failures" and where "supranational governance exist they are noted for their bureaucracy and inefficiency. Although some cultural critics see superconspiracy theories about a New World Order as " postmodern metanarratives " that may be politically empowering, a way of giving ordinary people a narrative structure with which to question what they see around them, [94] skeptics argue that conspiracism leads people into cynicism, convoluted thinking, and a tendency to feel it is hopeless even as they denounce the alleged conspirators.

Alexander Zaitchik from the Southern Poverty Law Center wrote a report titled "'Patriot' Paranoia: A Look at the Top Ten Conspiracy Theories", in which he personally condemns such conspiracies as an effort of the radical right to undermine society. Concerned that the improvisational millennialism of most conspiracy theories about a New World Order might motivate lone wolves to engage in leaderless resistance leading to domestic terrorist incidents like the Oklahoma City bombing , [97] Barkun writes that "the danger lies less in such beliefs themselves Warning of the threat to American democracy posed by right-wing populist movements led by demagogues who mobilize support for mob rule or even a fascist revolution by exploiting the fear of conspiracies, Berlet writes that "Right-wing populist movements can cause serious damage to a society because they often popularize xenophobia, authoritarianism, scapegoating, and conspiracism.

This can lure mainstream politicians to adopt these themes to attract voters, legitimize acts of discrimination or even violence , and open the door for revolutionary right-wing populist movements, such as fascism, to recruit from the reformist populist movements. Hughes, a professor of religion, warns that no religious idea has greater potential for shaping global politics in profoundly negative ways than "the new world order". He writes in a February article entitled Revelation, Revolutions, and the Tyrannical New World Order that "the crucial piece of this puzzle is the identity of the Antichrist, the tyrannical figure who both leads and inspires the new world order".

This has in turn been the Soviet Union and the Arab world. He says that inspires believers to "welcome war with the Islamic world" and opens the door to nuclear holocaust. Criticisms of New World Order conspiracy theorists also come from within their own community.

Despite believing themselves to be " freedom fighters ", many right-wing populist conspiracy theorists hold views that are incompatible with their professed libertarianism , such as dominionism , white supremacism , and even eliminationism.