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Show More. Omar Hashad , Internet Marketer at in internet at in internet. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Netflix marketing plan 1. Executive Summary The Marketing plan for Netflix is designed to increase sales and brand awareness. The changes in the DVD portion of the business makes it even more important to have great marketing plan to strengthen the brand name and profitability of the streaming portion of the business and this marketing plan focuses on the Online streaming business for the same reason.

Netflix has customers are for Online streaming, DVD rentals and few who have both plans.

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There are environmental factors affecting Netflix like economic, social cultural, technological, political and legal factors. All these factors and many more either positively or adversely affect Netflix but the major five factors are explained in detail in page 4 of this marketing plan. Apart from the external environmental factors a SWOT analysis is done to further describe the company and the industry.

Netflix has two product lines each facing a different group of competitors.

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DVD rental by mail competitors are Blockbuster and Red-box with market share of Their strengths and weaknesses are analyzed in detail in page 8. Netflix still claim its top position due to strong Brand, high selection of content, affordability, flexibility with internet speeds and various devices than can be used to stream from Netflix. Netflix had over 40 million subscribers in the end of Q3, and according to their forecasts the subscriber number may be Netflix targets a mass market aiming at acquiring as many subscribers of all ages and preferences.

Segmentation is not done in this particular industry because the service offered is highly tailored to individual needs using complex prediction algorithms and a recommender system, marketing efforts are aimed at getting as many subscribers as possible. Another reason for not having specific segments is the profitability aspect, since the price per person is low it will not be profitable going after a single segment. Apart from that the customer base is extremely diverse to be able to achieve any meaningful segmentation.

Netflix positions itself as a convenient, great choice of content and affordance entertainment option for people who are interested in movies and TV shows. Marketing strategies have been designed with focus on 7Ps each with strategies to either improve or promote what is already been offered by Netflix to raise brand awareness and increase Netflix market share in Instant Streaming product line.

Some other objectives of the plan is to increase media presence and the use of promotional tools. One year implementation plan has been prepared to show when the proposed activities will be done. Conclusion is a summary of the plan and what the team hopes to achieve after implementation. Contents 1. Situation Analysis Marketing Planning Implementation and Control Online streaming service and DVD delivery service are the two main two main product lines for Netflix.

Netflix core product is a service. This marketing plan will focus on online streaming service. Netflix introduced instant streaming in , by Netflix was offering a collection of , titles on DVD and had In September , they began international operations by offering streaming service in Canada, and now offers streaming service in Latin America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Nordic countries of Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and others. Beginning the fourth quarter of , Netflix had three operating segments: Domestic streaming, International streaming and Domestic DVD.

The Domestic and International streaming segments derive revenues from monthly subscription services consisting solely of streaming content. Netflix announced having over 40 million subscriber in its shareholder letter of October 21, Rapid subcriber Growth 45 Rapid subcriber Growth, Employees help each other to be great. Netflix thus has a laid-back structure that allows employees to make their own decisions, but greatly encourages that smart decisions are made. Some of the perks include allowing employees to structure their own compensation packages, no clothing policies, and having a—hypothetical—unlimited amount of vacation days.

Hastings understood that valuable employees are happy employees. However much of the importance of this style of management is in its beginning: hiring top-notch colleagues. By creating an ideal workspace to provide a highly productive environment, excellence in work quality is expected, and crucial.

In the case that employees do not live up to this high standard, Netflix provides large severance packages for quick termination Kaltschnee, Some of Netflix Divisions are content division, streaming and partnership division, product division, Finance division, Counsel Division, Talent division, marketing and communication divisions. Names of division heads are in Table 5. Traditional consumers are particular and selective; they have a specific title or genre they are looking for, often making up niche market consumers , and they desire a rich viewing experience, which currently makes them more likely to consume hardcopy media.

They are willing to wait a few days to acquire their title, as long as it meets their expectations. These also have a low propensity to substitute, because they are committed to video entertainment, and possibly a higher propensity to purchase video, more likely to be older, and because they view and access rentals through more traditional channels, they invest more time and energy in their choices. This customers opt for Netflix mail-delivery services as well as more differentiated online subscription plans. Online streaming consumers are not as selective as their counterparts.

They watch videos when they can. They value easy and immediate access, portability and transferability of the product, and are more than willing to watch video on their computers or other devices like I pads, computer tablets and even smart phones. This consumer has a higher propensity to substitute than the DVD rental customer.

They are also typically younger, and more Internet-savvy. These customers often opt for affordable monthly online subscription plans. Apart from the cost that is directly related to Netflix services, customers have to purchase devices in which they can use to access Netflix services like computers, television sets, modems and Internet packages.

This marketing plan is going to focus on the online streaming product line. All these factors and many more either positively or adversely affect Netflix but the major five factors explained below have the greatest impact. Why compromise with a stone laminate benchtop, when you can Afford The Best! Is a premier quartz surface with the perfect design of natural marble and other stone, stronger than granite. Our warehouse is one of the largest in the southeast! Bottega by Stones International is the source for top quality Countertops and features natural stone from across the world to fit your design needs.

Clan Gunn Society of North America. Elections are held for the position of President and the balance of Committee members. Vitoria international is a first class business. They are listed in the category Home Improvement Stores and can be contacted via phone at With quarries throughout Canada, USA, Europe, and Asia, we can provide many options of stone varieties and colours to suit your needs, including custom fabrication.

With their help, you can access advanced settings, use the hidden features of your phone, access the engineering menu, get information about the status of your phone's battery and customize your phone to suit your requirements. Aurea Stone brings together the benefits and durability of engineered stone, with the look of high-end natural stone. It also has an ingredient that seals as it cleans.

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The presentation is attached to this Announcement and will be able to upload at www. AGM X3 Turbo is popular these days for its unique body and features. The Patron is an appointee and not subject to an election.

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Committed to an environmentally-sustainable industrial model. CRS Granite. Bluetooth was up and running within seconds. Cons: Everyone is complaining about the sunlight glare during the day. It's true but it's more of a nuisance than an actual problem. Tint your widows, set the cruise control, and enjoy the ride! Easy to install sounds and looks great. Only down side was that it sits to far back in the new dash piece.


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